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Born on the Roof of the World
Purity, Authenticity, Tradition, Innovation
At more than 2,500m above sea level, on The Tibetan Plateau, shadowed by the Ta’er Monastery, Huzhujinquian Distillery is giving life to the first Tibet Single Malt, JIU HAI BU GAN.
Made from the world renowned Tibetan barley, malted, mashed and fermented under the action of indigenous yeasts carefully kept under the shadows of the monastery, it is with the softest pure water flowing from Himalaya rivers that JIU HAI BU GAN is crafted, distilled and aged.

With a know-how dating back from more than 1,000 years, in an almost mystical silence, the Master blenders are carefully watching out the alcohol, some being older than 60 years, in anticipation of composing the subtle blends that will confer to JIU HAI BU GAN its unique finesse and aromatic richness. 

· Purity
Tibet, through the surrounding nature and spirit, offers one of the purest environment in the world. Shadowed by the 8,850m high Qomolangma, the name of the Everest Mountain in Tibetan, the making process of the Single Malt JIU HAI BU GAN is taking place at the rhythm of the mantras and under the influence of the harsh local climate. 
The making of single malt is demanding a large quantity of water, and JIU HAI BU GAN is blessed by its location at the foot of the Himalaya Mountains, which makes it benefit from the incredible pure, always fresh and crystal clear water sources so vital for expressing the finesse of JIU HAI BU GAN aromas. 
· Authenticity
Huzhujinquian Distillery, located in the centre of Qinghai Tibet province, is making respect of nature and use of local and natural products, a milestone of its behaviour: only barley harvested, malted and fermented in Tibet can enter the making process of JIU HAI BU GAN. No outside malt is allowed. 
Furthermore, the Master blenders of the Distillery are convinced that the quality of single malt is highly influenced by the variety of barley used, the soil characteristics where it is cultivated, the climatic conditions that prevailed during the barley growing season, and even the date of the harvest. That is why, similar to wine, the year of harvest and malting of barley matters as much as the length of time that the alcohol will be aged! 
But the Distillery even goes one step further with its exigence toward product authenticity: no industrial yeasts are allowed for fermentation of the barley, the Tibetan monastery selecting and jealously keeping autochthone yeasts locally selected. 
Respect of authenticity in Tibet is almost sacred...  
· Tradition
Distillation of malted barley has been practice in Tibet for more than 1,000 years. 
This millennial tradition was paying special attention in making sure that the alcohol coming out of the pot still was staying crystal clear and transparent all the way to the finish bottle, to express symbol of purity. To achieve this goal, the distillate was kept in porcelain amphora named “Jiu Hai” before being bottled. The very slow oxidation occurring over the years of ageing through the amphora walls made of kaolin, was contributing to soften and round the alcohol, giving it an almost creamy taste with a hint of citrus freshness! 
Today, Huzhujinquian Distillery is perpetuating this tradition and, depending on the product range, the alcohol is still kept between 3 to 50 years in “Jiu Hai”, the porcelain amphoras! 
However, this everlasting tradition does not mean that Huzhujinquian Distillery is not embracing modern approach: the Distillery, after the long lasting ageing in amphora, is now finishing the ageing of JIU HAI BU GAN in American ex-bourbon casks and French ex-white wines 220 litres oak barrels, giving to the single malt its pale amber colour, a vanilla and slightly toasted taste so much appreciated on the international markets. 
· Innovation
Beginning of 2015, Huzhujinquian Distillery has filled American ex-bourbon 190 litres casks and French 220 litres oak barrels with alcohol previously aged during more than 50 years in the porcelain amphora « Jiu Hai ».  
After the minimum three years barrel ageing required, the Distillery will be ready, in the middle of year 2019, to release the very first Tibet Whisky Single Malt ! An exciting world event soon to come…  

The Secrets of the unique process for making JIU HAI BU GAN
Tibet barley
The Tibet barley, variety «Hordeum vulgare var. himalayense», known in Tibet as Qingke, is grown only on the Tibetan Plateau. It is a very rare barley, solely grown by Tibetan Monasteries. It is the richest barley in the world regarding its content in vitamins and other compounds reducing cardio-vascular disease and diabetes. It is also the most expensive barley in the world. 

In full respect with the Tibetan philosophy, no malt from outside Tibet in allowed in the process of making Jiu Hai Bu Gan: malting, mashing and fermentation of the barley is conducted in the malting rooms situated in the distillery at 2,500m above sea level. The malting process will last between 25 to 28 days. 

Water source from Hymalaya
Far away from any possible sources of pollution, at 2,500m above sea level, the Tibet Single Malt benefit, during all the different stages of its making process, from the purity and the unique finesse of the clear and fresh water coming from the rivers of the Himalaya mountains. 

During the malting, mashing and fermentation of the Tibet barley, only local indigenous yeasts, jealously selected and kept by the Tibetan Monasteries, are used. They are stored, dried, in a mix of grounded seeds of peas and barley. No other yeasts are allowed, and certainly not industrial selected yeasts! 

To soften and sublimate the result of distillation, the Tibet Single Malt is matured during long years (sometimes more than 50 years ) in porcelain amphora called "Jiu Hai". This will also give a light amber color to the spirit and develop the delicate and subtle perfume aromas. Ageing in oak cask for 12 to 24 monthes is also conducted at the end of the ageing period.

The malting, mashing, fermentation and distillation process (traditionally double or triple distillation) of the malt beer are conducted at 2,500m above sea level, using the Tibetan traditional know-how that has been transmitted from generation to generation for more than one thousand years. 

Barley Malting area
Barley Malting area
Tibetan plateau
Tibetan plateau
Tibet Barley field
Tibet Barley field
Tibetan Yak
Tibetan Yak
Tibetan landscape
Tibetan landscape
Mashing of the barley
Mashing of the barley
Figurines made with Yak butter
Figurines made with Yak butter
Ta'er monastery
Ta'er monastery
Potala monastery
Potala monastery
Traditional tibetan costume
Traditional tibetan costume
Old sacred place
Old sacred place
Jiu Hai for the Single Malt ageing
Jiu Hai for the Single Malt ageing
Tibet Single Malt White 3 years
Single Malt of a crystal clear color, reflecting the purity of the  fresh water from the Himalaya mountains. 
Fresh and light malt, soft in the mouth with intense aromatic notes, flowery in the nose and delicate in the mouth. 

Tibet Single Malt Pale Aged 5 years
Single Malt of a pale, slightly amber color. 
Nose aromas dominated by floral notes, mixed with citrus and orange peel zest. 
Soft mouth with a long lasting fruity taste at the end. 

Tibet Single Malt Aged 8 years
Beautiful amber color with hints of golden shades. 
Aromas of fresh pineapple as well as dry fruits and dry apricot , followed in  
the mouth by a long lasting velvet feeling. 
The final taste is almost sweet and spicy. 

Tibet Single Malt Aged 12 years
Doubled matured in Ex-bourbon casks and French oak casks for 24 month after 10 to 30 years of ageing in porcelain amphora Intense amber color, with beautiful goldish shades. Vanilla and dry fruits aromas with a complex lingering finish

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