JIU HAI BU GAN Craft White in South Korea!
September 2022

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Ate the occasion of Seoul Bar & Spirits Show (15-17/9/2022), JIU HAI BU GAN Craft White will be the star!
Happy New Year of the Metal Ox
February 2021

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JIU HAI BU GAN is whishing you a wonderfull Metal Ox year!
Dalai Lama 85th Birthday
July 2020:

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His Holiness 85th birthday Message:

Review on by Elin McCoy
February 2020:

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SADHANA at "Be Spirits 2020 by VINEXPO", Paris
January 2020:

At the occasion of "Be Spirits 2020 by VINEXPO", from February 10 to 12, 2020, Paris, Porte de Versailles, SADHANA will be released!
Come and meet us at Pavillon 7.2, booth S261.

SADHANA Vintage 2006 is now available!
November 2019:

After the official ceremony celebrating the birth of SADHANA® Vintage 2006, the first bottles are now made available all over the world!

SADHANA Vintage 2006 will be released in November!
October 2019:

SADHANA®, Vintage 2006 is the very first Tibet Single Malt Millésimé!

Tibetans have experienced, for more than 400 years, that altitude, annual climatic fluctuations as well as extraordinary quality of the Himalayan waters, have a very strong impact on the quality and characteristics of each year barley crop, much like
vintages in fine wine! It is the crop harvested in 2006 that has been selected, distilled at 2,500 meters above sea level on the Himalaya plateau, then aged for 9 years in porcelain amphora followed by 4 years in American ex-bourbon casks and French oak barrels of Sauternes and Layon!
In full respect with the Tibetan spirituality toward purity and respect of nature, Tibet Single Malt SADHANA® Vintage 2006 is natural coloured and not chill-filtered.

Jiu Hai Bu Gan Meido is served in a Michelin Star restaurant!
At more than 3,000 m above sea level, on the himalaya plateau, the Tibet barley, the only grain used for making Jiu Hai Bu Gan, is almost ready for harvest!             
3 month later .... in June 2019:
The Tibet barley is almost at full growth and harvest will start soon !
Once again, mother nature has done a miracle!
In April 2019:
At 3,000 meters above sea level, the Tibet barley (Hordeum vulgare var. himalayense) is sown.
Jiu Hai Bu Gan and Green Tea Cocktail!
May 2019:

A spring breeze from Tibet !!
Happy Father's day!                                  
Jiu Hai Bu Gan is offering a journey through the Tibet!
April 2019:

At the occasion of Father's day, Jiu Hai Bu Gan is offering a superb book on Tibet for every client buying at his favourite retail shop at least 2 bottles of the Jiu Hai Bu Gan portfolio!

Don't hesitate!
This promotion will end on June 22, 2019.

Soon to be released!!                                   
Tibet Whisky Single Malt
March 2019:

It is now more than 4 years that the Tibet Single Malt is maturing in French oak and Ex-Bourbon casks, after having slowing aged in porcelaine amphora between 20 to 50 years!

Unique in the world of whisky and unique for Tibet, the release of the very first Tibet Whisky Single Malt is growing in excitment!
Stay tuned and be among the first to taste it!

New release!!                                   
Jiu Hai Bu Gan "Meido", 12 years old Single Malt!
October 2018:

Doubled matured in Ex-bourbon casks and French oak casks for 38 month after 9 to 30 years of ageing in porcelain amphora, Jiu Hai Bu Gan "Meido" will be available starting in November 2018 !!
A selection of spring barley harvested at the blossoming season of the flower peony worshipped under the name «Meido» by the Tibetan,  is used for distillation. 
Packaged in a elegant box and porcelaine bottle!

Jiu Hai Bu Gan, an International Wine and Spirit Competition 2018 winner!
July 2018:

Silver Medals
for Jiu Hai Bu Gan 3 years, the Tibet Single Malt white and for Jiu Hai Bu Gan 8 years !!
Old Fashion Jiu Hai Bu Gan Cocktail!
July 2018:

A cool breeze from Himalaya !!
Jiu Hai Bu Gan 12 years old to be released in October 2018 !
July 2018:

After a maturation of more than 9 years in porcelaine amphora, followed by 38 month ageing in ex-bourbon and french oak casks, Jiu Hai Bu Gan 12 years old soon to be released! !
Happy New Year 2018!
Jiu Hai Bu Gan wishes to all of you a fantastic Year 2018, full of joy, happiness for you, your family and friends! Let the tibetan flavours of Jiu Hai Bu Gan 8 years make this New Year a wonderfull one!
Jiu Hai Bu Gan 8 years Age
December 2017
New packaging!
Jiu Hai Bu Gan 8 Year Age is now available in a new packaging: more elegant, with a revised new bottle and cap shapes that contribute to its unique finesse and style! 
Jiu Hai Bu Gan in Paris
August 2017:
Jiu Hai Bu Gan 5 years and 8 years are now available in the best wine and spirits shops in Paris!
Jiu Hai Bu Gan soon to launch the first Tibet Whisky Single Malt!
August 2017:
Tasting at the distillery of the alcohol ageing in ex-french oak barrels and ex-bourbon casks to be selected for the Tibet Whisky Single Malt to be released in 2019!
Jiu Hai Bu Gan, a family story...
August 2017:
A family story ... where women are the one in charge!
The Zhang family is in charge of the distillery, and today it is the two sisters and one of the daughter who are managing the company and presiding over the production of Jiu Hai Bu Gan.
Jiu Hai Bu Gan available in the main French cities
June 2017: 
Jiu Hai Bu Gan is now available in France in more than 142 wine and spirits local retailers

Jiu Hai Bu Gan, Tibet Single Malt
January 2017: 
The Tibet Single Malt, Jiu Hai Bu Gan, is making its first entry in the French Market. The objective is to offer, through the local wine and spirits retailers, the first Tibet Single Malt ever exported!
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